Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Body Shop Oils of Life Range

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The new Oils of Life range from The Body Shop contain 3 seed oils from around the world. Black Cumin seed oil from Egypt, Camellia seed oil from China and Rosehip seed oil from Chile are all known for their repairing and revitalising abilities on the skin. So all mixed together you get a rather wonderful mix of skin treats. The packaging is also gorgeous, well suited to the products they contain. I think these and the other newly released Spa of the World range will give The Body Shop and new lease of life, they feel high end and are high performing products. Oils of Life are also from 99% natural origin.

I’ve been using Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream, Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil and Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Bi-Phase Essence Lotion for around 2 weeks now, and so far I’m very impressed. 

I use the gel cream in the morning and it works perfectly on my combination/ sensitive skin. If you have dry skin there’s a cream version that might be more suited to you that you can find here . As with all the products, the gel cream is infused with the 3 seed oils outlined above and it also has illuminating micro-pearls. These impart a very delicate glow to the skin, helping to give it a healthy and revitalised look. I really like the feel of this on my skin, it melts and sinks in immediately, feels refreshing and prepares my skin nicely for makeup. It doesn’t leave any residue and my skin feels thoroughly moisturised. A great moisturiser for most skin types ( unless really dry) and ages. Thumbs up from me.

I love oils and they’re a firm part of my evening routine. Don’t be scared of them if you have oily skin, they might just be what your skin needs! I find them incredibly moisturising for dehydrated skin and just a really nice treat to use at the end of the day. I was really keen to try this oil out. I love Rosehip oil already but I don’t think I have any other products with the other ingredients. I wasn’t disappointed with this product either. I use a couple of drops, heat them up on my hands and give my face a massage while applying this. It initially feels a bit greasy but it sinks in quite quick leaving hydrated, comfortable skin. My skin is looking so much better after using this, it looks and feels a bit plumper, again a big thumbs up.

I’ve left my favourite for last. I didn’t know what to expect from this ‘bi-phase (oil and water)’ lotion. I can’t recall using a product quite like this. This is applied after cleansing and you need to give this a good shake before use. It can either be applied with cotton pads or splash some on your hands then pat in (this is how I’ve been doing it, it does feel a bit like I’m applying cologne). I really love this, and apparently Vogue do too. It feels instantly refreshing and my skin just look, I dunno, zingy. It’s a really lovely product. Perfect for times when your skin needs a quick pick me up. The only thing I think I’d prefer is different packaging. A spray version would be good of this, but I’m just being picky.

All of these products have the same scent, a kind of spicy herb like spa smell. It’s not over powering and fades fast. So, overall I like all of these products, the prices are a bit higher than the usual Body Shop products but I think they’re worth it. The packaging looks great, the actual products feel great quality and more importantly they actually seem to work. 

Have you tried anything from this range yet?

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  1. Would love to try these oils as they sound so nourishing!

    1. they really are, perfect for the coming harsh months x


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