Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Hello! I have an exciting new hair product for you today. New Bed Head Joyride is the world’s first powder primer balm (PP Balm) for hair. It’s been developed by Tigi’s International Creative Team over a period of three years. PP Balm takes its lead from beauty primers. It prepares the hair for styling and for further products (if you choose although it works brilliantly on its own). 

When I first read about it I thought it was going to be a powder but it’s actually a clear, thick formula that is really similar to face primers. It has the same silky slip feel of a silicone primer. I was worried this would make my hair oily but I can’t even feel it in my hair. I applied a small amount to my cropped, thick hair. It dissipates nicely in the hair and doesn’t leave any horrible feeling that some other hair products can. My hair can be pretty unruly and its thickness can be overwhelming sometimes ( I know I shouldn't complain, lots of people would love thick hair but it really is very hard work) but Joyride made styling much easier and my hair *much* more manageable. It also smells gorgeous, it reminds me of sweets I used to have when I was a child. Nothing sickly, just a really nice scent that dies down quite quickly.

Benefits of New Powder Primer Balm:

: Prevents first day fluffiness

: Primes hair for easier styling by adding grip

: Adds texture and definition

: Defrizzes and smooths

I can honestly say it does all these things for my hair. It gives gentle hold and texture invisibly. It made my hair more manageable straight after a wash and it still looked great the next day after sleep and my hair is usually chaos. It doesn’t add weight to the hair nor any leftover residue. It adds texture and definition that doesn’t look over done. I’m really quite impressed with this product. It’s one of my favourite hair products in a long time. Having said that I'm not sure it'd be the best product for longer hair, I think it probably works best on short/shortish hair with a good bit of texture already. 

What do you think, do you like the sound of this?

New Bed Head Joyride will be available to buy from hair salons from 1 September. 

*pr sample 



  1. Very intriguing product and may I say your hair colour is gorgeous?!

    1. thank you! it's a new colour called 'Dark Garnet' from Garnia Olia x

  2. This sounds so great. I have shoulder length hair, do you think my hair would still benefit?


    1. I've read a couple of reviews with hair much longer than mine and they seemed to love it, eg. here http://www.thesundaygirl.com/2015/09/bed-head-by-tigi-joyride-review.html so I reckon it would still be a good product for you x

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