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PMD Personal Microderm Review

review of PMD Personal Microderm Microdermabrasion

I’ve been using the PMD Personal Microderm Microdermabrasion* for quite a wee while now, roughly around 3 months. I would like to say I use it weekly but sometimes I do forget but I am trying to make it part of my weekly routine. I always come to these kind of reviews with a bit of trepidation as it’s not a cheap product (currently £135) so I’ll try and give you a good overview of how I’m getting on with it.

So what does the PMD Microderm claim to do? Essentially it’s an at home personal microdermabrasion that aims to reduce the look of wrinkles and scars (as well as acne scars), clear blackheads, and remove dead skin to give an overall glow to the skin. It does this using suction and small discs that are coated in aluminium oxide to gently exfoliate the top layer of skin. While I was keen to try out this product I was a bit wary that it’d be too rough for my very sensitive skin. But so far it’s been really great.

best at home microdermabrasion

You get different levels, and also sizes, of discs. Firstly, there’s a trial disc which is really gentle so you can see if it’s ok on your skin and also just give you a nice trial run before moving up the discs. There are bigger size discs to use on your body and I’ve really liked using them too. One of the reasons I like the PMD so much is that it’s super easy to use and very quick too. I love a low maintenance but high performing product. I have a dry patch on my leg that just doesn’t budge but after a few using of the PMD it’s actually softening up. I also have a small scar on my left leg (which I should point out doesn’t actually bother me, I love my scars but I know not everyone does) and the edges around that have lessened slightly. I think this is a good point to mention that if you want to use this as a scar removal treatment it probably isn’t for you. It will reduce the look of them (or it has for me but everyone’s skin is different), for me it’s smoothed some of my scarring out but of course they’re still there. So as a quick, easy and effective body exfoliation product the PMD is one of the best I’ve used.

Moving on to the face. And I’ll start with something important, something I’ve seen mentioned in a lot of other reviews where I think people are actually using the PMD wrong: please pull your skin taut when using this. Otherwise the suction will leave little marks on your face and the product just won’t work properly. So do bear that in mind if you go onto buying it, pull that skin girl! Like I said earlier I’ve been a bit lax at using it weekly. It’s recommended you leave around 6 days between treatments as you don’t want to irritate your skin too much. I have to say I really like the PMD, it pretty much does everything it says it’ll do but it doesn’t happen immediately you do have to keep using this weekly and over a period of a good few weeks (perhaps even months). Don’t let that put you off because there are also instant benefits to this too. Every time I use this the very next morning my skin looks amazing, which really is a small miracle because my skin is suffering a bit lately due to my health etc. What PMD does that makes my skin look instantly better is that it improves the absorption of skin products. My fine lines look more refined and the acne scar on my cheek is less noticeable. I don’t have many acne scars though so I can’t really comment on how well that works for serious acne scarring but looking at reviews it seems to generally help. (Disc shown in below photo is for the body, the face disc is much smaller).

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There are things I haven’t really noticed a big difference in and I think that may be how I am currently using it. I have enlarged pores on my nose and I haven’t really seen an improvement in them but I’ve read others have had an improvement. There are a couple of reasons I think for this: I may be using too weak a disc for this area, I’m still using the sensitive discs so maybe this area needs something with a bit more muscle behind it (*I’ll update this when I’ve used the stronger discs for a while). Secondly, maybe that’s just how my pores are? If that’s how they want to be who am I to change them? Enlarged pores are a sign of nobility, or something.

So would I recommend this? I think so yes. I’m just a bit more wary of a great big yes when this is a little pricey and all our skins will respond differently to this product. I like this because it means I can have a high quality microdermabrasion treatment at home, whenever I want and I’m in control of it. So if you balance that out with professional treatments this is cost effective. PMD Microderm is easy to use, incredibly quick and easy to fit in (even though I tend to forget), and provides a deep yet gentle exfoliation. The downside is the discs need replacing around 3-4 treatments, which I don’t really think is a lot tbh but overall I really do like the PMD Microderm and would be an ideal treat for yourself (or maybe even a Christmas present, yeah I said the C word). 

So what do you think? have you tried it? do you like the sound of it?

You can purchase it from Look Fantastic here, Current Body here or Amazon here 

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