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3 Concept Eyes: The Coolest Korean Makeup Brand

3 concept eyes review

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) is fast becoming one of my favourite beauty brands. The South Korean brand is the sister company of the blogger turned fashion shop StyleNanda. It’s achingly cool. 3CE is founded on the belief that there are three kinds of attractive eyes (yes, that's right) and each can be enhanced by using the base colour palette of oranges, beige and pink. As well as having this base palette 3CE have also expanded their colour selection in their eyes, lips and nail collection to encompass a wider variety of shades, but I think all of the shades are complimentary. The colours are nothing less than modern and incredibly wearable.

Fittingly I picked up three products from Cult Beauty. I’ll start with 3 Concept Eyes Liquid Lip Colour in Charmed. This is beautiful! A strong mid-toned pink with cool red undertones. This is one of the longest wearing lip products I’ve ever used. It just does not budge throughout the day. When I first used it it came out a bit runny so do give it a good shake or squeeze about before opening it to mix it up properly. You apply the liquid lipstick with a sponge applicator by squeezing a small amount through the tube. I was initially really unsure of this but it applies really nicely and evenly. One layer I would say is semi-opaque while two is fully opaque. The liquid lipstick can feel a little drying on the lips because it has a very matte finish but it doesn’t dry them out. Once this has dried down there is no transfer and it lasts absolutely ages. If you do need to top up I found it easy to do. I’m so impressed with this product.

Along with this being an amazing product LOOK AT THE PACKAGING. I absolutely love it, it just looks so damn cool. I think it’s also very reasonably priced at £13 from Cult Beauty. The product feels very high quality plus the packaging is a joy to use and look at. I’ll definitely be adding more of these to my collection.

3 concept eyes liquid lipstick review

Next is another lip product the 3 Concept Eyes Tattoo Lip Tint. Lip tints are some of my favourite lip products, I just love the finish of them as well as the longevity and 3CE’s one did not disappoint. I chose the colour Coolest, which is a rich pinkey-orange shade. This tint really packs a punch of colour, it is so pigmented you need to be careful just how much you apply. It also feels thicker than many lip tints I’ve used and just feels much better quality than previous ones I’ve tried. Like all lip tints the colour gradually fades throughout the day but this still leaves A LOT of colour on the lips and can actually be a little bit hard to remove come the end of the day. Again this packaging is amazing, the doe footed applicator is slightly bigger than I’m used to but is surprisingly easy to use. I wouldn’t hesitate to add more of these to my collection.

3 concept eyes lip tattoo review

I have such a hard time with eyeliners; they just don’t stay on me or smudge. All the usual ones touted as long wear just don’t last on me so I had very high hopes for 3 Concept Eyes Super Slim Eyeliner. Unlike the usual pen eyeliner nibs this is really soft and super easy to apply, it’s like a little paint brush which is ideal especially if you eye lids aren’t quite as firm as they used to be. This also makes it perfect for tight lining, it really is a brilliant precision liner. 3CE eyeliner is a proper black eyeliner that doesn’t fade through out the day and is easily built up into more impactful cat-eyes. Now, this doesn’t budge at all which means it can be a little tricky to remove. An oil-based remover makes light work of it though. Again, I’m really surprised at the price of this, for £11 this is incredible quality and I’d happily pay much more for this. If you love eyeliner you need to try this and especially so if you find getting a straight line or cat eye tricky. This is one of the easiest and best eyeliners I’ve ever used, a huge thumbs up from me.

3 concept eyes slim eyeliner review

I am so impressed with the products I’ve tried from 3 Concept Eyes. They’re super high performing, amazing quality, brilliant colour selection and great value for money. The packaging is fun and cool, what’s not to love? You can check out Cult Beauty’s full collection here.

Have you tried this brand? What do you think of them?

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  1. I haven't tried this brand, but I have tried lots of Korean make up. In general, the skincare is the best part of Korean beauty, whereas the make up can be hit and miss. They do some fantastic lip tints though, they really keep the colour all day. One Korean brand I like for lip liners is Macqueen, which is a bit like a Korean version of Mac.

  2. The products look great! I have never heard of this brand before but I will definitely be trying some of their products out!

    Emily xo

    1. I really am so impressed with what I've tried!

  3. Love this. I've been eyeing up this brand ever since I bought the Back to Baby primer. I want to buy more x

    1. you definitely should, it's just so nice xx

  4. Oh wow these look so good. I'm in love with the packaging. So tempted by the eyeliner and teh liquid lipstick
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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