Friday, 5 May 2017

Trilogy Facial at Ivy Therapy Edinburgh

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On Friday I headed into Edinburgh to try the new Trilogy Facial from Ivy Therapy*. It’s my first visit to the salon but it’s been serving Edinburgh for an impressive 6 years. With the beauty business being so competitive especially in a city that’s no mean feat. What makes Ivy Therapy stand out is their ethos; they combine therapeutic services with organic and natural products with the aim that clients leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And that’s exactly how I felt after the amazing facial I received. So it comes as no surprise to me that Ivy Therapy has just won beauty salon of 2017 south-east at the Scottish Independent Retail Awards.

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The Trilogy Facial (or if you prefer you can have a Korres one instead) is either 30 minutes or you can go for a longer deluxe version at 50 minutes. Amanda, the owner of Ivy Therapy used 6 Trilogy products. She began with the Trilogy Active Enzyme Cleanser which deeply cleansed my skin without irritation. My skin was then exfoliated by Trilogy Gentle Exfoliant. A few sprays of Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner prepared my skin for Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask. While this mask was working Amanda gave me an amazing and very relaxing shoulders, neck and head massage. This was an absolute treat and just made the facial that bit more special. After the mask was removed Amanda then massaged my face, shoulders, neck and head again using the brilliant Trilogy Rosehip oil. Then to protect my skin Trilogy Daily Defence Moisturiser with SPF 15 was applied. All of this was done in a very relaxing room on an incredibly comfortable warm bed. It was so comfortable my back didn’t give me any problem throughout which is very rare. The music was particularly nice too with the likes of Massive Attack and Zero 7 playing softly in the background.


I’ve had facials before and they’re one of my favourite treatments. I’ve used Trilogy products before too and know just how wonderful they are but combined with a highly professional facial my skin looked absolutely amazing! I did take a small makeup bag along with me to put my foundation etc back on, but I didn’t need it and that is something I never do. My husband also couldn’t get over how amazing my skin looked. I was glowing, my pores looked refined and I just looked really healthy. Another thing that really surprised me was that my neck could actually move without clicking or creaking. I figured that’s just how my neck is due to my back problems so yeah I am very impressed with this treatment.

But don’t just take my word for it (though please do ;)). All you have to do is look at other reviews, especially ones on their Facebook page to see that they provide a brilliant service. Or a quick Google will tell you that the salon is not only great but also much loved. What struck me about the reviews are that they’re just not your standard “good salon-will return” or “nice place”. People seem to actually take the time to write lovely, personal reviews about the treatments they’ve received. And after experiencing the salon myself I’ll definitely be returning.

best facials in scotland edinburgh

*A note for those who have anxiety or are wary of going to beauticians or hairdressers because I know there’s a lot of us! I never at any point felt uncomfortable. After I filled in the form stating my health issues, Amanda Ivy’s owner, gently asked if I’d like to explain my health issues any further which I was more than happy to do because it felt safe and she wasn’t judgmental in the slightest. Facials or other treatments are wonderful for people who have anxiety or depression. Not only do they make your skin feel good but it’s also a really relaxing and rewarding experience. So please don’t be put off with past bad experiences or think this kind of thing is not for you. Treat yo’ self! You totally deserve it.

If you’d like to find out more please visit Ivy Therapy website here. Ivy Therapy cover an impressive range of treatments if facials aren't your thing.

*I received Trilogy Facial in exchange for review. All thoughts most definitely my own.



  1. Its such a treat, isn't it, to have a professional treatment. Looks like a great place - a bit far for me as I am in Cornwall!! x

    1. ha yeah a bit far! but yeah what a difference it makes especially when the treatment was one as lovely as this. I'll most definitely be back xx


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