Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Traditional German Treats from Bahlsen

Ah Christmas is upon us once again. Friends, family, presents and the most important of all FOOD. If there’s one thing that brings everyone together at Christmas (besides baby Jesus of course) it’s food, glorious food. We’re not especially religious in my household but we do love a feast to celebrate the end of another year and to see in the new one. Another thing I like to do is visit German markets. The Germans *know* how to do Christmas food. But alas I haven’t managed to get to the Christmas market in Edinburgh I usually go to. If you’re like me and haven’t been able to purchase your favourite traditional German treats then fear not for I have a small selection from Bahlsen* that you can indulge in at home.

I was sent three treats from Bahlsen to try. First is Zimtsterne*, which literally means cinnamon stars. These little iced celestial delights are flavoured with cinnamon and also include hazelnuts. And oh my gosh are these good. They are soft, delicious and melt in the mouth. It’s virtually impossible to have just one. I was actually surprised at how fresh they were. You’d almost think they were straight from an oven. They also make beautiful decorations, that’s if they last that long. 

I have actually never tried Stollen before and what a mistake that was. Bahlsen’s premium Poppyseed Stollen* is absolutely amazing. It’s packed full of poppy seeds which contrast really nicely with the sweet fruit and dusting of icing sugar. I’ll be honest and say I more or less ate the whole cake myself. I had every intention of sharing, my husband did get some but I couldn’t resist it sitting there looking at me. If you haven’t tried stollen before you definitely should. It looks really heavy and stodgy but I didn’t find it to be like that. It is sooo nice. Unfortunately it’s only Waitrose and Ocado that sell it and I’m not near a Waitrose nor does Ocado deliver here *sobs*. 

And finally I tried Lebkuchen Mischung* which can be loosely translated as “gingerbread mix”. These little gingerbread biscuits come in a mix of shapes such as hearts, mushrooms and star-like designs. They are glazed and also have chocolate on them. Similarly to the Zimtsterne they melt in the mouth and I couldn’t just have one. I might also have eaten the majority of them but well it is Christmas. I can’t recommend these German treats highly enough. They’re such good quality for a very reasonable price and are perfect for Christmas. If you can get Ocado to deliver or are near a Waitrose I urge you to add them to your Christmas list 👌🏻.

What’s your favourite Christmas treats?

(*PR Sample but all the gluttonous thoughts very much my own)


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