Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Last Minute Christmas Present: By Invitation Perfume from Michael Buble

michael buble by invitation

I would say I’m reasonably organised this Christmas. I have all the presents I wanted to get for my son, and perhaps slightly more. However, when it comes to everyone else I’m not prepared at all. The last few weeks have been slightly extraordinary. I will write more about it but I will be appearing in the 2017 advertising campaign for Garnier Olia thanks to this blog post about their wonderful hair dye. It’s been completely amazing and surreal. So that’s the reason I’m lagging a bit with Christmas this year.

Many think perfumes are failsafe measures but if you pick carefully, a perfume can be one of the most special and thoughtful gifts to receive. I will also admit that I usually don’t go for celebrity fragrances but I have been pleasantly surprised with By Invitation* from none other than Michael Buble (btw do you also say his name in a Michael Parkinson voice? or is that just me?). Anyway, for a little idea of the kind of scents I like I usually wear Giorgio Armani Si Intense perfume which I reviewed here

michael buble by invitation perfume

By Invitation is an interesting scent with depth of character. The top notes (or the first scent you smell) are bergamot and red fruits with heart notes of rose, lily of the valley and peony and base notes of sandalwood musk and vanilla. It’s both sweet and musky at once. A strong scent yet not overpowering or heady. It also lasts amazingly well, you will still smell it on you at the end of the day. That’s most definitely not the case with some perfumes

The packaging itself looks as luxurious as the scent it holds and compliments it incredibly well. There’s a nod to classical atomisers in the design which I think is a nice touch and reflects Michael Buble’s own career: the mix of old classics with a contemporary twist. It shows that everything has been carefully considered to reflect the celebrity who created it. It doesn’t feel like it’s just a cash in instead what’s been made is a unique, quality and class scent that would be perfect for a last minute gift for a woman who is strong and sensual with a classic yet contemporary style.

You can buy this from The Perfume Shop which rather handily are doing next day delivery for 99p so if you order today you'll get it in time for Christmas. Isn't the Internet wonderful?

(*PR Sample)


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