Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hylamide Photography Foundation

Hylamide Photography Foundation

Hylamide, for me, are one of the most interesting, innovative and accessible skin care/beauty brands on the market right now. I’ve tried quite a few of their products and I’m impressed with all of them so far. I’ve heard a lot about Hylamide Photography Foundation* so I was pretty keen to give it a go myself.

Firstly, though, I think calling it a foundation is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not a foundation in the traditional sense rather it’s a next generation base corrector inspired by all those perfecting Instagram filters. This gem of a product will blur imperfections such as reduce the look of pores, impart a healthy ‘lit-from-within’ glow and even out skin tone. It does this by harnessing a range of cutting edge beauty tech:

“Fractionated Blurring Silica Suspension
Nano fractions of silica-based prisms create light confusion to reduce the looks of visible lines and pores immediately without looking like traditional makeup, while specifically creating a perfect backdrop to highlight facial features through the camera lens.
Prismatic Camera Hue Yellow-Red Correctors
Ultra-advanced super-fine hue correctors black out unwanted tones in real life while creating the look of angular shadows for more definition on camera.
Prismatic Gold Technology
Adds a discreet golden glow instantly for a visibly radiant, healthy-looking skin while adding a cinematic look in photographs.
Oil-Free Bio-Sugar Complex

Super-light oil-free biotechnology complex is clinically proven to offer comfortable hydration immediately with an effect that lasts with continued use.”

Hylamide Photography Foundation

I have Hylamide Photography Foundation in Transparent but it also comes in another two colours: Golden Tan and Dark Tan. Transparent adds a really beautiful golden glow to the skin. I’ve been using it as a base product, applying it after my moisturiser and just before foundation. It blurs my pores nicely and tones down the redness I have around my nose. It’s like a primer, colour corrector and highlighter all in one, brilliant. I’ve also been mixing it with my foundation which really adds a nice fresh, dewiness to the skin without oiliness.  You can also wear it by itself to even out and boost the complexion.

What I also like about Hylamide Photography Foundation is that it lasts really well on the skin, if you’re applying straight to the skin you have a bit of time to work it but then it sets. Sometimes I find products that brighten the skin fades but thankfully Hylamide Photography Foundation lasts pretty well on my combination skin.

Hylamide Photography Foundation really is a great multi-tasking product. As well as it acting as a kind of primer you can spot apply it as a really stunning looking highlighter. I’ve also been using a little bit after applying my foundation on my cheek bones and it just looks so nice. I can’t think of anything negative to say about this product although if you have dry skin it may cling to dry patches but if you moisturise etc properly before hand it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Oh the applicator can get a bit messy, the way you release the product means it kind of spills out a bit at the top but I really am just picking at straws here! (or perhaps it’s just me that’s a bit messy?)

I think Hylamide Photography Foundation is a really interesting product that adds an extra dimension to your makeup routine. Hylamide is definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

*PR Sample



  1. Wow I'm really interested in trying this one out, a bit worried how my dry skin would react though. I've loved everything I've picked from the brand so far.

    1. they're such a good brand! i think if you've moisturised well you *should* be fine x


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