Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Madara Organic Skincare

Madara Organic Skincare

I’ve been trying out a couple of different products from the brand Madara Organic Skincare* for a couple of weeks now. I hadn’t heard of Madara before, but where they differ from other skin care companies is that they’ve replaced the base product- water, with birch water. The reason for this is that birch water is actually more hydrating than just your plain, boring water plus it has several restorative properties too. So birch water is essentially the new coconut water. (I actually haven’t tried coconut water, is it any good?)

Madara Organic Skincare toning mist

You can see from previous posts here and here I’ve recently become a convert to facial sprays so I was keen to try Madara Cellular Nutrients Toning Mist*. Here’s the lowdown: Madara Cellular Nutrients Toning Mist* contains Madara’s own cell repair bio-complex with the super-hydrating ingredients birch hydrolate and hyaluronic molecules. It also contains a host of ingredients such as aloe barbadensis which helps retain moisture, boosts circulation, has anti-bacterial properties as well as helping to rejuvenate the skin. Red clover is also in there which helps to boost collagen production to firm up the skin. Sea buckthorn is a natural uv protector as well has having a host of anti-oxidants to help skin regeneration (you can find out more here ) So there’s lots of nice ingredients in this toning mist. But is it any good? Yes, I definitely think so.

I haven’t been using Madara Toning Mist* long enough to see if the claims that it maintains moisture and firmness are true. A small study showed that it did over a 56 day period. I can say though that it feels more hydrating than any of the face mists I’ve tried so far; as I said to someone else it feels “quenchy” on the skin. When it’s absorbed my skin definitely feels a bit firmer, not uncomfortably so just, I dunno, a bit plumper? It’s also a great toning mist to take on holiday as it does feel really hydrating and refreshing on the skin. 

Madara Toning Mist has a slight scent to it, nothing over-powering and it fades pretty fast. I haven’t experienced any kind of aggravation with this on my skin. I use it throughout the day to freshen up my face and makeup as well as morning and evening after cleansing. A couple of spritz is enough to give the face a good covering. 

Madara Organic Skincare

I was also sent a bottle of Sibberi Birch* water to drink, have you tried birch water? It’s definitely an acquired taste. My husband likes it though so it’s really something you’d have to taste for yourself. Apparently it’s this year’s big health drink. It is more hydrating than water (what?!) and helps to cleanse and detoxify. I think if you’re big into your health food and drinks you’d be interested in trying this and I guess it might go nice with gin. There's also a maple version for those of us with a sweet tooth.

I also tried out a few sachets of Madara’s skin care range, all of the sachets had a couple of applications in them so these are very preliminary thoughts. I really liked all of them, the only one that I wouldn’t use again is the Total Renew Night Cream* purely because it’s too rich for my skin, however if you have very dry/mature skin this would probably suit you very well. The Cellular Repair Serum* sunk in quickly and left no tacky residue, a really nice hydrating serum. The Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream* is really rich so you only need a tiny amount but it felt instantly tightening and refreshing, two things I love from an eye cream. The Ultimate Facelift Day Cream* is a favourite, it sinks in quickly leaving the skin soft and moisturised but it also gives an amazing tightening effect. The Age Defence Day Cream* brightens as well as tightens the skin, again this sinks in quickly leaving a nice base for makeup. They all have a similar scent, I think it’s like cinnamon but a very gentle, soft fragrance. I find it really pleasant. So yeah, I know I haven’t used them for long at all but hopefully it gives you a bit of an idea what the products are like.

Have you tried birch water yet? or any birch water products?

*PR Samples



  1. This is really interesting and quite exciting to see a brand replace the water ingredient with something more beneficial. I don't like the taste of coconut water but I'm still curious to try this birch water as I've heard a lot of people talking about it too. I really just need something that tastes good when blended with tropical fruits for Summer drinks. :)

    1. I think it'd probably taste really nice mixed with fruit, it's not an overpowering taste just..unexpected :)


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