Friday, 19 February 2016

Treat for the Weekend: The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath

The Body Shop really is doing it for me at the moment. Their recent skin care releases such as Oils of Life range and Drops of Youth range have both provided excellent results and just feel more high-end and serious. A far cry from their fruit soaps and white musk scents that I used to buy when I was a snotty teenager. Another recent addition to their body care line-up is the new range Fuji Green Tea. I was given Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea for my Christmas (thanks mum!) and I absolutely love it.

Like the two ranges mentioned the packaging of the Fuji Green Tea Bath looks and feels of a really high standard. The beautifully designed metallic tin ,which echoes tea tin designs, contains the green tea and salts mixture within a water-tight bag to help keep it fresh. I tend not to have bubble baths because they generally irritate my skin so I much prefer either a bath oil or salts so Fuji  Green Tea Bath is perfect for me. The smell is fresh and relaxing. Thanks to Aloe Vera it also leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath

There’s also a Tea Bath Infuser available which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying as the bath salts with leave a helluva mess on both you and the bath. You just pop the bath salts in the infuser and attach it to the water overflow with a small hook, and this would work with anything similar. That’s what I do anyway. It really works a treat, no bits of tea leaf escapes so your bath is still clean afterwards. I think you’d get around 5-10 baths from one tin depending on how much you use, of course. 

There’s also other products available in the range such as Fuji Green Tea exfoliating soap, Fuji Green Tea body butter, Fuji Green Tea body sorbet to name a few. This range is definitely worth checking out if you’re not into overly floral smells. It’s refreshing and crisp. I absolutely love the bath salts, treat yourself this weekend!

Have you tried this range yet?

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  1. This is so cool, I've found recently that the Body Shop are really broadening out their products!
    Charlotte //

    1. yeah I completely agree, lots of gems in their now. The bath tea is a definite repurchase for me xx

  2. This looks beaut - will defo give it a try. Thanks :)
    Mairi x


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