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Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum Review

merumaya iconic youth serum perfect for sensitive skin

This year has been a good year for skin care me. First was The Body Shop’s Oils of Life (my review here) which my skin just loves and now Merumaya’s Iconic Skin Serum*. Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum is described by Merumaya as the heart-beat of their collection. I can really see why. This little bottle packs a powerful skin care punch that’s even suitable for the most sensitive of skins. The formula contains minerals, stearidonic acid, stem cells, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. These ingredients help enhance the skin's collagen and elastin while evening out dark spots and uneven skin tone. Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum claims to improve lines, elasticity, radiance, plumpness, and smoothness. Let’s have a look at the long list of active ingredients:


RevitElix™ is Echium oil providing Omega 3, 6 & 9 to reduce lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity and participate in barrier repair. It helps rebuild the hydro lipid film as the skins surface for long term plumping. It builds up elastic fibres and is also anti-irritant.

RESISTEM™ contains plant stem cells to increase radiance and luminosity. In clinical trials it is shown to defend the skin, acting like a ‘vaccine’ against skin ageing symptoms. It stimulates the ‘clean up crew’ (proteasome) to remove the waste products associated with drab-looking skin.

CHROMOCARE™ Rabdosia and Seigesbeckia extract. Clinically tested to show improved luminosity and skin tone, helping to reduce redness. It helps to increase collagen density in the skin and decreases skin pigmentation.

VENUCEANE™ contains enzymes from deep sea bacteria which survive in extreme temperatures where living organisms would normally perish. It is clinically tested in the tropics, to provide protection for the skin, helps skin repair, neutralises free radicals and is moisturising. It is one of the ‘smart’ ingredients that becomes more effective the more stress it is under.

MANGOSTEEN FRUIT EXTRACT is rich in vitamins and polyphenols providing anti-oxidant protection

BIODYNES TRF™ is a yeast extract that soothes irritation by stimulating cell respiration and cell metabolism

PRIMAL HYAL™300 is a very special hyaluronic acid fragment that not only helps with moisture control but also stimulates beta-defensin peptides to protect against microbial invasion that cause spots

GENSIL™210 & HISPAGEL™ are a blend of glycerine, ceramides and hyaluronic acid in a special delivery formula that provides absolute moisture to the skin

BIOMIN™ AQUACINQUE provides nutritional support for the skin containing, magnesium, iron, copper, silicon and zinc

HAPPY SKIN™ contains Rhodiola Rosea which induce beta-endorphins, sometimes known as the ‘molecules of happiness, providing a feel good wellness.


I think that’s a pretty impressive sounding active ingredient list, don’t you think? Distilling it down a bit Merumaya’s Iconic Skin Serum contains a lot of omega and hyaluronic acids which are brilliant for repairing and caring for the skin. These skin care ingredients are housed in a thick serum which applies velvet smooth. The reason for the velvet texture is dimethicone. This appears quite high up in the ingredient list. I do have sensitive skin that can react badly to silicone products (of which dimethicone is) but I haven’t had any break outs or irritation while using this. So if you are sensitive to silicones it might be an idea to try a sample first. Due to its silky texture I find it takes a couple of minutes to sink in fully. Once it’s sunk in this leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft, hydrated and soothed. I think it would suit all skin types. 

I’ve been using Merumaya’s Iconic Skin Serum for around a month now and I can see a definite improvement in how my skin looks and feels. It looks plumper, feels smoother and my skin tone is slightly more even. I have a few dark spots near my eyes from pregnancy but as yet I haven’t seen any changes on these. I don’t particularly care much for ‘anti-ageing’ properties but what I do like from my skin care is to help me look healthy (and yes I know it comes from the inside too). Having chronic pain (or any other illness) drains you, medication and lack of sleep impacts on your skin. Good skin care products help to ease some of the side effects of just feeling rotten a lot of the time! 

Merumaya’s Iconic Skin Serum is packaged in a sleek looking bottle with a pump dispenser which handily gives out the exact amount in one pump. Now, I think the packaging is great but I do have a bit of a gripe here: I can’t see how much product I have left. The only way to do this is to tear off the label, and well that just doesn’t look very good. Everything else about the packaging is great and since I’d like to purchase this when it’s finished I’d like to know when I’m nearing the end. Minor packaging issues aside, for me, Merumaya’s Iconic Skin Serum is a cracking bit of skin care. Application is beautiful, the smell is uplifting and not overpowering, and most importantly it actually seems to work. I’m so pleased that this is now part of my regular skin care regime.

Merumaya are participating for the first time in Black Friday and they have some really excellent deals. I’m hearing good things about their Pure Radiance Mask which you can pick up for £5 with any purchase or they have Moisture Marvels Set for £23.50 (reduced from £57) which really would make an excellent present. These offers are on until 30th November. You can find out more about these offers and Merumaya’s Iconic Skin Serum on the Merumaya website.

Have you tried Merumaya’s Iconic Skin Serum? Or anything else from the brand? (the melting cleanser is also brilliant btw)

*PR Sample


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