Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 110

Unbelievably this is my first Kate Moss lipstick for Rimmel. I really hadn't been that bothered by them until I saw one on the very lovely Sera from The Agoraphobic Fashionista. I'm really glad I did, the colour is fantastic. Fully-pigmented bright coral red with warm undertones. I think I can just about get away with this colour on my cool-toned skin, but hey who the hell cares I like it! Well, apart from the smell that is. It's the same smell that Apocalips has. A sweet, synthetics melon smell. I really don't like it. So, I'm not sure if the smell will eventually put me off this lipstick.

But for now, I really like the texture of this. It's not a matte, it has a more shiny and comfortable finish. It also lasts pretty well on my lips. I think this would amazing in dark skin tones, the orange shade in it might not work for everyone. It does makes for a great Summer colour.

I got mine from Boots for £5.49

Have you tried Kate for Rimmel lipsticks?


  1. I finally got the pink one and the texture is very nice!

    1. aye I'm definitely impressed with the texture, really not so sure about the smell though!


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