Sunday, 19 May 2013

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

Left Porcelain Right Ivory

Left: Just Face Atelier Foundation Right: Full Face (I probably should've worn under-eye concealer)

Argh there’s so many things I like about Face Atelier Ultra foundation but ultimately it doesn’t work for my skin. I got my sample pots from Coco Beau. They’re described as containing an application or two. I’ve had around 7 applications and there’s still a wee bit left. So, a little really does go a long way. Porcelain is a really good match for my skin, it’s fair with pink undertones while Ivory is too dark but it still has pink undertones. 

The beauty of this foundation is its application and finish. Ultra Foundation is silicone-based so it gives this flawless looking finish. It sits on top of the skin so it doesn’t cling to dry patches but it’s obscures pores brilliantly. And this is done without primer. The silicone formula means your skin doesn’t need prepping before hand. 

Ultra Foundation has a dewy finish that lasts reasonably well on my skin, if it’s not hot or humid. Otherwise it does melt off, even when set with powder. It has a really lovely texture, it’s smooth and creamy which means it blends beautifully. This is definitely one of the easiest foundations I’ve ever applied. I’ve used fingers, sponge and brush for application and they all work brilliantly. I'd say it's medium-buildable. And it really is very easy to build, there's no clumping and it blends easy over first application.

Really oily skin may find this uncomfortable to wear and I think it’d be best suited to dry and normal skins. When my t-zone wasn’t too oily this foundation worked really well and other times it just melted off. So, while this is a good foundation it just doesn’t work completely on my skin type, which really is a shame because it gives such a beautiful finish. It is oil-free but I think the formula is just too creamy for my skin. Having said that I am tempted to get a full-size, I really do love the finish when my skin behaves. 

Face Atelier handily do Zero Plus and Zero Minus to alter the shade of your foundation. Plus makes it darker while Minus makes it lighter, ideal for seasonal changes and altering foundation shades. 

Have you tried it, what do you think about it?



  1. They look so gorgeous, and I love how they are pale enough, They just don't look like they would have enough coverage for me which is a shame :(

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. it can be built up a bit more but I start to feel it a bit uncomfortable, definitely worth trying the sample pot x

  2. I was thinking about trying the sample, but the price bumps up to £6 something with the postage. Such a shame :(

    1. aye that's a bit much, worth it you're buying something else at the same time though x


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