Sunday, 21 April 2013

Libertine Magazine

We all like to look at pretty things right? But it's also good to read interesting, intelligent articles and learn about new things and people. So steps in Libertine, a new magazine "for interested women". The editor, Debbie, rightly points out in 'A Word from the Editor' that there is a much needed shift of perception that science, technology and business, for example, are the domain of the masculine. Judith Butler might have something to say about the use of masculine, but whatever. The point is that women's interests aren't only shoes, nail polishes and hand bags they are much wider and varied (as are men's)

You can see from the photos above the scope of content in the first issue of Libertine. There's articles on the philosophy of space travel, Mills & Boon, Esperanto and Gillian Anderson and much more. I think Libertine is a much welcome and needed addition into the realm of 'women's magazines' and hopefully there will be a proliferation (yeah ok, I'm being optimistic of the current climate in publishing) of magazines with this kind of intelligent content.  



  1. What an interesting magazine. I have noticed quite a few more interesting less glossy more substantial periodicals popping up lately. I like Oh Comely. Frankie and the GentleWoman. A welcome change of tide I think!

    1. yeah! hopefully, and the fact that Gentlewoman put Angela Lansbury on their front cover makes me <3 them more


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