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My Minimal Minimalist Jewellery Collection

minimalist geometric earrings

I recently purchased a couple of pairs of geometric hoop earrings from Topshop and ASOS so I thought I’d share my minimal minimalist (I do like a little alliteration- see!;)). My choice of jewellery is usually delicate and understated. I like simple designs and shapes; I am but a simple woman. I prefer easy-wearing pieces for everyday that add an interesting touch to outfits. Having said that there will always be a place in my heart for the likes of Tatty Devine too. In general though my jewellery is pretty low-key. Even my wedding ring is modest, you can see a photo of it on my Instagram here, we bought it from Nora Kogan here.

I’ll start with my most recent purchase the lovely little Hexagon hoop earrings from the finer range at Topshop (in the above photo). Unfortunately they’re sold out online but I bought them just a few days ago so hopefully you should be able to pick them up in store. If not I’ve found a couple of similar items here and here. The Topshop earrings are really lovely and thankfully they don’t irritate my piercings like some earrings can. These go especially nice with a white shirt.

small geometric stud earrings in rose gold

Next are my hexagon studs from STRANGER LONDON. These dainty geometric earrings were hand-made by the independent maker behind Stranger London. I have several items from her shop now and I adore and cherish every single one of them. While I love to find a bargain on the high street buying something from a small, independent designer will always be a special thing to me. Do have a look at her shop, she also takes custom orders too. (Yasumi, the shop owner, has no idea I’m doing this btw).

where to buy geometric hoop earrings

Another recent purchase is my fine geometric hoops from ASOS. These are another very pleasant surprise. They’re bigger than the previous hoops but still very slim and have an interesting geometric shape. I think these look much more pricey than they are. I’m planning on wearing them to the Bloggers Blog Awards (you can vote for me here if you like, I think I did that very smoothly).

Below is a very precious necklace to me. My father-in-law made it as a birthday present for his mother, when she passed I was given it as a memento. Isn’t it beautiful? I think it’s the most perfect understated piece of jewellery and I love it. Oh My Clumsy Heart has a similar Chevron necklace here.

chevron diamond necklace

Next is another recent purchase and again it’s blooming sold out on Topshop online. The fine open circle necklace was around £7 but again it looks and feels more expensive. It’s such an easy necklace to wear with pretty much anything plus it goes very nicely with most of the other pieces I have. I did find some similar items from ASOS here and here.

open circle necklace from topshop

personalised jewellery from lisa angel

And finally is another piece imbued with meaning for me. My husband bought this for me as a present from my son a couple of Christmases ago from Lisa Angel here. The simple bar design is engraved with “mum” and “I love you” but you can customise it to whatever you want. It’s a beautiful present and something I treasure very much.

Do you have jewellery that means something to you?

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