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A Mini Selection of YSL Beauty Goodness

Review of YSL Beauty products

You can see in my previous post that YSL Beauty has been a long-standing favourite of mine. I’ve always been drawn to the aesthetic and glamour of YSL. Then later I discovered the Smoking Suit with its blurred gendered boundaries. I wonder if I could ever come across one in a vintage shop *looks wistfully*.

Before I talk about the YSL products I just want to apologise because you can’t actually get this beautiful YSL travel mini, you can however get one similar here as part of an offer when you buy from the YSL Beauty site. And to be honest that’s just as nice, there’s various offers available so it’s worth a look. It’s also one of the reasons I often buy straight from the sites like Estee Lauder, YSL, or Clinique for example, you generally get a really nice offer with a couple of mini products that are nice to pop in your bag or take on holiday, or just to try out. You can buy the full products of course, I’m so sorry you can’t get the cute minis. Brands, please do more minis!

review of the new YSL black opium perfume

I’ll start with the new perfumes Black Opium Floral Shock*. There are two available; the one at the back in the above photo (this perfume here) has light green coffee mixed with Jasmine tea with base notes of musk, white woods and Patchouli. The top notes are Blackcurrent accord, pear accord and green mandarin essence. It’s a little bit heady and a little bit fresh and very delicious. It’s perfect for summer wear and I have taken to wearing it instead my beloved YSL Mon Paris as my favourite summer fragrance. The other version is darker, richer and even sexier. I can’t say it better than YSL themselves: “Black coffee, for a shot of adrenaline; white florals, to instantly seduce; and vanilla, for sweetness and sensuality. These sensual ingredients are bound by a warm undertone of white musk” (this version here). That really does sum up the darker, more edgy fragrance. For me, this seems like a night fragrance but of course you can wear it whenever you like. Both scents are very sophisticated and last very well throughout the day. If you are interested in trying it YSL Beauty send you a sample size with the perfume so you can return it if it isn’t suited to your taste.

best blurring primer
I love YSL bases, I wore their original Touche Eclat Le Teint Foundation on my wedding day (which reminds me I haven’t tried the new formula, is it good?). So again I’m really impressed with Touche Eclat Blur Primer*. For some reason I just don’t get on with a lot of primers, I either hate how they feel on my skin or they make my skin look worse so I often just by-pass them. But I’ve been getting on with YSL Blur Primer very well. It’s gel like on the skin, smooths out imperfections and blurs pores beautifully and provides the perfect base for foundation. There are little gold flecks thought-out the product but it’s not hugely apparent on the skin instead it gives a nice luminosity-something I find primers can wipe out on the skin. I use Estee Lauder Double Wear so it’s difficult to tell if it gives extra longevity what it does do however is make ELDW look less flat and matte, something I’m very grateful for now I’m in my 40s. Just don’t take my word for it, have a look at reviews on Google; they’re generally around 4/5 star, that’s pretty good going. (more info here)

best high end lipsticks

Now, for one of the most glamorous lipsticks on the market: YSL Rouge Pur Couture*. Look at that shiny gold case! I’m pretty sure it was designed to be applied while yachting in the French Riviera while sipping on champagne. I have the colour 52 Rosy Coral which nicely sums up the colour. It’s a bright coral perfect for the summer months but unfortunately doesn’t quite suit me, I think darker complexions than mine (I am very pale) would suit this shade much better. There are another 42 (!!) shades to choose from. The formula is rich while remaining light on the lips, pigmented, feels moisturising and is reasonably long-wearing. It does feel luxurious and a real treat. If you love lipsticks you should definitely add some to your collection. (more info here)

best lip treatment for dry lis

And finally, the only product of the bunch I’m a bit unsure of, the YSL Beauty Top Secrets Lip Perfector*. YSL describe it as 3-1, it moisturises, primes and enhances lip colour. I think it does all of these things I’m just not sure I like the feel of it on my lips; I found it slightly tingly. I think this would be a good treatment, like a mask for your lips, as it acts as a peel and does seem to help improve the texture and evenness but as a lip balm I’m unsure. It’s quite pricey too but if you do fancy it or want to find out more have a wee look here

Are you a fan of YSL Beauty? Any must haves from them?

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  1. I love the Black Opium perfume, it's my all time favourite perfume!

    Emily xo

    1. it's iconic! you should definitely check out these versions too, they are so nice xxx

  2. I have such a thing for mini beauty products - this post is so drool-worthy! Huge fan of Black Opium and how pretty is that primer?! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. it is sooo nice and the little perfume bottles are so cute yet glamorous. I think these things would sell so well! and also perfect for popping in your bag xxx


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