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YSL Beauty: Couture for your Eyebrows

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When I was young ­­I was always smitten with the YSL beauty counter. It was always the most alluring, the most glamorous. And that name! Yves Saint Laurent; let that roll over your tongue several times, isn’t it wonderful? Best of all, it’s a man’s name. Yes, I was quite smitten. This was the world in which women dressed in YSL tuxedo suits otherwise known as Le Smoking Suit (do have a look at the Who What Wear link as it gives some unknown facts about the suit and some amazing photos) and men with exquisite French names. I wanted to be part of it. Alas, I still can’t afford any YSL clothing or even a handbag but I can get a tiny slice of that world through YSL Beauty, or at least I think I can. That, right there, is the world of advertising for you.

easy to use long wearing brow products

I’ve been using YSL Beauty’s BrowWardrobe* for several weeks now and I’m really impressed. The packaging is, of course, incredibly glamorous with sleek black and gold but the products are also great and there’s something for everyone in here; from the natural eyebrow to the bolder brow, YSL’s got you covered. There are four products available and one that I’m sure I cannot live without (maybe in life threatening situations I could leave it behind, but y’know). I’ll start with YSL Couture BrowPalette*, which comes in two shades: 1.light brown and 2. dark brown. This palette is aimed at those preferring a natural brow but it can be built up for a more dramatic effect. There are three colours in each palette so you can tailor the shades to your own colouring. It’s super easy to use and also easy to set straight if you’re not brilliant at doing your brows. I’ve left my brows alone for years after the disaster that befell them in the 90s (I’m so sorry brows and for everyone that had to witness them). But I recently got a bit of a telling off from a makeup artist that I MUST DO MY BROWS (she was very kind about it btw, I’m just being dramatic). She is right though, now I’ve entered my 40s my eyebrows are sparse (which I think is also a side-effect of medication) and my face just looks better if I actually have some eyebrows. 

So, if you’re like me and have just started doing your brows this is a great product for you, you can achieve natural shape and fill in gaps easily with this. Or if you’ve been doing your brows for a while this will also appeal. It’s easy to take with you and contains tweezers and a little brush that actually works pretty well. The powder also lasts for ages and the packaging is gorgeous. I feel proper glam carrying it in my handbag, a great brow product. More info here.

easy and long wearing eye brow pencil

If you like more defined but still natural looking brows theYSL Dessin Des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil* is for you. The brow pencil comes in four shades so hopefully you should be able to get one to suit you. I wasn’t expecting very much from this but it’s surprisingly good. The pencil is reasonably firm and imparts a good amount of pigment without very much work or pressure. It’s great for both filling in brows and defining them. The brush on the other end is lovely and firm giving even the bushiest of eyebrows a good brush. YSL eyebrow pencil is also long-wearing and doubled-up with the next product your brows won’t budge all day.

best eyebrow products that don't smudge

And my favourite product of the bunch is the YSL Couture Brow*. The brush it comes with looks like a tiny mascara brush and it’s nice and sturdy giving you complete control of the brow gel. There are two colours available one for brunettes and one for lighter hair. There’s quite a few reasons why this is my favourite not just from YSL Beauty but all the eyebrow products I’ve used (which are numerous). I’ll start with the first, once it’s on it JUST DOESN’T BUDGE. Like not at all. I wore it to a gig, it was hot and sweaty and I kept asking my husband if my brows had run down my face but to my surprise they were still there! If you’re an active kind of gal or just one who likes low maintenance but high performing products, like me, this is for you. It is sooooo easy to use. I would recommend giving the applicator brush a little wipe before applying because quite a lot of product does come out. If you have quite sparse eyebrows you may need to fill them in a bit before this but I’m quite happy to wear it by itself. It keeps unruly eyebrow hairs in place all day, doesn’t smear and looks natural (although it is definitely buildable). YSL Beauty Brow Couture is just one of the best brow products I’ve ever tried. Try it! 

There is also another limited edition YSL Beauty Couture Brow Marker which I haven’t tried. Again you can either go natural with this or build up for a bold brow. The marker pen means you can easily create little brow hairs or produce a whole new brow shape. For more info on this please go to YSL Beauty.

All of these are premium beauty and it does come with the price tag. However I’m really happy that the quality lives up to the cost. You are also of course buying into the YSL brand and that does come with beautiful packaging that’s not only just gorgeous to look at but also practical and well made. I think there’s something for everyone in here with the YSL Brow Palettes being the most universal. To have a look at the YSL Brow range please look here.

Do you still buy premium or do you think budget brands do just as good?

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  1. I think I'd rather be seen without foundation on than with having no eyebrows done. (being a bit dramatic here as well) Eyebrows and skincare are my thing I think. Unlike base products it's not something I would go premium for unless I really like it. But, I like the brow products to be good quality & the right shade is important too. These look fab though! x

    1. yeah I think there's so much competition now from cheaper brands especially the likes of NYX x

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