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SkinChemists Bee Venom Facial Serum

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SkinChemists' Bee Venom Facial Serum* is a product I’ve heard about but never actually tried myself. So I was keen to see if it lives up to the hype. I’ve now been using SkinChemists' Bee Venom Facial Serum* for just under a month so while I won’t have reaped all the benefits of this serum (usually it’ll take roughly 8 weeks or longer) I can tell you initial impressions and any reactions etc. I’ve had. I may as well just jump in and say I absolutely love this serum. And it’s for several reasons this has become my favourite facial serum to use. I will start with a couple of initial reservations though. The smell of this serum is slightly unusual. I’m unsure how to describe it to be honest. I think I’m used to using products with little to no smell because of my sensitive skin and I’m certainly not used to using products containing bee venom. But now I’ve gotten used to the smell it doesn’t bother me plus it fades really quickly on the skin. I might just be being super picky but it definitely isn’t a deal breaker. Secondly, is the use of bee venom. Thankfully the venom or sting is collected much more humanely than previously so the bees remain unharmed but that was a huge concern for me.

Now, on to why I love skinChemists' Bee Venom Facial Serum*. There’s three main active ingredients in this serum:
1)   Bee Venom performs like getting a bee sting but thankfully it doesn’t feel like one. The venom is said to increase the circulation of blood and also the movement of nutrients in the skin thus improving the skin’s plumpness and firmness while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
2)   Hyaluronic Acids is another firming product that helps the skin retain moisture.
3)   Amino Acids help to balance the skin, improves clarity and helps to even skin tone while making the skin brighter.

These all sound rather marvellous don’t they? And I’d have to admit it does seem to do what it claims. SkinChemists' Bee Venom Facial Serum works from first application and just gets better and better. I’m really looking forward to seeing what my skin will be like after several months use of this product. The gel-like serum is contained in a sturdy pump bottle that protects the active ingredients from sunlight and air nicely. One pump gives enough for a full-face application. Once applied the bee venom serum sinks in super fast leaving no residue or tackiness. You can feel your skin slightly tightening on application. I was expecting either a tingly sensation or burning due to it being the venom from a bee’s sting but I was really surprised to find nothing like that. I have had absolutely no reaction whatsoever but of course if you are allergic to bee stings this definitely isn’t for you! I absolutely love how my skin looks and feels after application.

best face serums

I’ve already noticed a reduction in visibility of fine lines around my eyes but I don’t really have many wrinkles yet. What has most impressed me about this product is just how good my skin looks overall. The clarity has improved, my skin looks plumper and feels firmer, it looks more radiant, and my pigmentation has reduced slightly (I’m not expecting it to reduce much until at least the 8 week mark).  SkinChemists' Bee Venom Facial Serum is the only thing I’ve changed in my skin care routine so I definitely know I’m not getting these results from another product. Oh and something else I’ve noticed is just how much smoother my skin is and this makes it so much easier to apply foundation. Even my husband noted how nice my skin has been looking and he doesn’t usually notice such things.

*PR Sample


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