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Elizabeth Grant Skincare

Elizabeth Grant essence of torricelumn serum review

Have you heard of Elizabeth Grant skincare*? I hadn't but I am *so* pleased I've now discovered this wonderful range. Elizabeth Grant is a 60 year old Canadian skincare company. All products contain something called Torricelumn, a patented anti-ageing ingredient which is a mix of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, and botanicals that help retain moisture, trigger collagen and elastin production, and help repair skin damage. I am also really impressed by the history if this company. In 1958, when it was pretty uncommon for women to set up their own business, Elizabeth Grant started hers. She launched in places like Selfridges and is still going strong today. You can read more about this impressive woman's history here.

I was sent the Elizabeth Grant Supreme Face Collection* which contains Active 35 cream, a day serum, a night serum, and Supreme Essence of Torricelumn. Along with this I also tried out Supreme Cell Vitality Victory Eye Serum*. For 4 weeks I purely used Elizabeth Grant skincare, the only thing not from their range was my cleanser. I would have used it for much longer but I'm now trialing some new skincare products.

I’ll start with my favourite product Supreme Essence of Torricelumn. This serum contains a whole host of key ingredients like: Torricelumn, marine stem cells from the Torricelumn plant pods, narcissus plant bulb extract with Dormin Technology (no I don’t know what that is), collagen, vitamins A, C and E, Allantoin, shea butter, Marula oil, Natural soy, and Japanese green tea. Its light texture means it sinks into the skin easily leaving absolutely no residue plus this makes it easy to layer up further moisturiser/treatments. The closest thing I can compare this to is Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair but I much prefer the Elizabeth Grant version. My skin is smoother, looks brighter over all and just looks generally fresher. Supreme Essence of Torricelumn is definitely staying in my skincare routine.

Elizabeth Grant supreme active 35 face cream review

Another favourite is the Supreme Active 35 Cream*. This feels like an emollient and dry skins will especially love this rich and deeply moisturising cream. It also works really well on my sensitive/combination skin. It takes a bit longer to sink in but that’s not really a problem as this is a night cream. When I originally saw it I thought it was a day cream because it said 35 which I assumed was SPF. But it’s not no, but you probably knew that. The 35 in the title refers to the 35 ingredients this rather wonderful cream contains. These are:

Anti-wrinkle appearance: Torricelumn™, peptides, collagen, coenzyme-Q10, dextrin
Anti-brown blotches-restore radiance: amino acids, AquaCacteen
Anti-red blotches: chamomile flower, caffeine, AquaCacteen aloe vera
Anti-oxidants: vitamins C & E, shea butter, chamomilla recutita flower extract
Skin strengtheners: sodium hyalunronate, bootlace tree bark, collagen, coenzyme-Q10, pumpkin seed extract
DNA defence: plankton, blue algae, brown algae, ginseng
Cellular restore: amino acids, phospholips, soybean oil, caffeine, minerals
Barrier fortification: shea butter, soybean oil, glycolids, glycolipids, phosopholipids
Aging reversal: reishi mushroom, ginseng,  ginger, shitake mushroom
Moisturizers: Torricelumn™, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, AquaCacteen

When I first tried this I didn’t think I would like it. It felt too thick, too old fashioned but I was so wrong. This has turned out to be a gem of a find and definitely one of the best night creams I’ve tried. You only need the smallest amount so this should last quite a while so this might ease the cost of £80. One of the most noticeable things after using this cream is that my skin looks more radiant and skin-tone more even.

Elizabeth Grant supreme cell vitality night day eye serum review

The only thing that isn’t in the Elizabeth Grant Supreme Face Collection* is the Supreme Cell Vitality Victory Eye Serum*. I’ve never been too fussed about an eye-cream. I think if you can use your normal moisturiser/serum near your eye area then there’s no point in an extra cream. But I have to say I really do like this eye serum which has a gel-like texture. It sinks in quickly and feels both hydrating and soothing, which is perfect for an eye product. I do also notice a firming effect. Now that I’m 40 I can definitely see wrinkles forming around my eyes. I’m not too fussed about them but an eye cream/gel/whatever does help ease makeup application around that area. If you’re looking for a high performing eye product that won’t break the bank ( it only costs a rather amazing £9.99) I can highly recommend giving Supreme Cell Vitality Victory Eye Serum a go.

Now to the final two products in the Supreme Face Collection and if you’ve stuck with me this far, bless you. I seem to be developing quite the skill of going on at length about skincare. Both the day and night serum have the same gel-like texture of the eye-serum which means both are easily and quickly absorbed. Oily skin types will love these serums, there’s no residue and doesn’t feel at all oily on the skin. Drier skin types though may find they need to use more product or include another moisturiser. The day and night serum contain a host of ingredients such as rare algae and marine stem cells to help combat signs of ageing like dullness, discolouration, sagging and wrinkles. I definitely found both serums to leave my skin looking brighter and refreshed. The day serum made a really nice base for makeup application as it made my skin smoother and firmer.

I can’t fault any of these products. I found them to be incredibly effective but the two standouts for me are the Essence of Torricelumn, which I will be repurchasing, and also the Supreme Active 35 face cream. But all the products are excellent and if you haven’t you should give Elizabeth Grant skin care a look (which you can do here at Ideal World TV)

Have you heard of Elizabeth Grant skincare?

*PR Samples



  1. Never heard of this skincare brand. It does sound quite interesting and I love your photos. Very well presented.

    1. thank you! lighting was a nightmare so I appreciate that. I'd definitely recommend looking into the range, I've been so impressed with it xx


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