Friday, 2 December 2016

The Perfect Winter Candle from Skye Candle Co.

perfect christmas candle

As I write this I am in a beautiful little cottage in the Highlands. It’s snowing outside but we’re inside, the heat from the fire warming us to our souls. My family are decorating a Christmas tree. It’s the most perfect Christmas scene. Well, that’s whats happening in my head so that still counts right? When I light my Scots Pine candle from Isle of Skye Candle Company* that’s where I’m transported to. A serene, secluded cottage in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and snow. This is the perfect Christmas candle. 

That’s one of the brilliant (and also not so brilliant) things about scent, it’s so evocative. If I catch even the faintest smell of Insette hairspray (do you remember that?) I’m transported back to the early 90s, solid hair and boys. Oh and also my mum and dad telling me to get that damn (that is a much politer version) hairspray washed out of my hair. According to this interesting article in the New Scientist there seems to be a link between how we think and what we smell: the brain’s olfactory system is intrinsically linked the the limbic system thus connecting smell with emotions and memory. Logically this makes sense, I know from experience that smell is linked to memories and the emotions attached to them but there’s also science to back that up. So smell is very much a part of how we form memories, emotions and concepts of the world in which we inhabit. Interesting, no?

christmas gifts

So as well as smell being part of our memories it can also elicit imagination. And the Scots Pine scented candle from Skye Candles definitely does that with me. The Scots Pine candle is a new addition to the Skye Candles ranges. This is a fresh yet woody scented candle with scots pine, bog myrtle and rosemary. The candle also contains notes of peppermint, patchouli and orange. Every £1 from the sale of each candle goes to the Woodland Trust’s Loch Arkaig appeal too. I’ll admit I’m not the most candle-y person but I’ve been completely won over by this candle. It smells absolutely amazing, it’s not cloying like some candles can be. The quality is excellent and the burn time is around 45 hours. If you’re looking for a new candle that everyone in your home can enjoy I can highly recommend the Scots Pine from Isle of Skye Candle Company. (It'd also make a great Christmas present).

Are you a “candle person” or is there a particular smell that transports you somewhere?

(*PR Sample)



  1. This candle sounds lovely and I love the packaging. X

    1. it really is, I'm so impressed with it, which says a lot as I dont usually do candles ;)

  2. Lovely! I like the pics!


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