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When I saw Alle from the Daily Makeover rejoice about the brilliance of Urban Decay’s Brow Beater on Twitter I knew I had to try it ( you can read Alle’s review here too ). If you like lightly defined, natural looking eyebrows Brow Beater is definitely worth a go. 

There are several reasons why I tried the Brow Beater out and purchased it. The fact that it’s microfine really appealed to me. I’m not great with my eyebrows, in fact, are you ready? I often forgo doing them. I know, I’m sorry. But, I have been trying to make an effort. As I’m getting older (and wiser) I understand the importance of eyebrows. So the microfine pencil really appeals as it lets you fill in the eyebrow with tiny strokes, but if you wish you can make it slightly bolder. Despite how small this is it never feels like it’s under pressure or about to snap (I’m looking at you Soap and Glory Archery). 

I’m using Neutral Brown which is perfect for cool-toned brunettes, there’s another 3 colours and I think everyone would be able to find one suitable for their colouring. This is super easy to apply. You need to apply a bit of pressure to build up colour so if you’re not confident in doing your eyebrows like me this is perfect. Or indeed if you are more skilled you’d find this very fast and fuss-free. Once you’ve filled in your brows or created them this product stays in place, all day. It doesn’t smudge, fade nor oxidise. 

On the opposite end from the pencil there is a rather brilliant brush. It actually feels quite robust given it’s size. I have awkward eyebrows, the hair tends to grow down so I need a good brush to put them in place and this is by far the best I’ve used. I use this first to see where I need to fill in or shape my brows then use the pencil. Easy-peasy. 

I am so pleased with Brow Beater. It’s easy to use, great quality and if you love a more natural looking eyebrow this is for you. Perfect.

Have you tried this product?

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  1. I have been blessed with excellent brows (don't worry, it's balanced out with a facial hair problem) so I have never Done them and never thought about it. Until yesterday, when I was in for a brow wax and the beautician at the Benefit counter criticised the arch for the first time in my life...

    You're not the first I've read saying good things about this product. It might be worth a punt.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. gotta make you insecure! I never go near the benefit counters anymore, not keen on their sales technique. Whereas I bought this in Debenhams Silverburn where the guy who works in Urban Decay couldn't have been nicer and his makeup was stunning x


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