Monday, 5 October 2015

Stranger London Hexagonal Earrings

Firstly, please ignore my hair on the last photo, I’m trying to grow it out and it is currently a mess, argh. Anyway, following on from my previous blog post. I also bought myself these beautiful hexagonal earrings from the very lovely Stranger London shop for my birthday. Hey, we should all treat ourselves, I’m a big believer of that. 

The earrings themselves have been composed from plated rose gold and they are stunning in their simplicity. I don’t wear big or dangly earrings, I much prefer minimal stylings and these are perfect. They go with pretty much anything. I love geometric styles too, there’s something very stylish about them. Unfortunately, they’re now sold out but there’s a triangular version available here . They only cost £6 which I think is a magnificent bargain for something handmade and so beautifully dainty. The packaging was also beautiful and thoughtful. This is why shopping independent can be so much more fulfilling. The personal touches really matter.

You should also check out Worship Blues blog if you don’t already. It’s the blog from the maker behind Stranger London and it’s one of my longstanding favourites. It features stunning photography, quiet moments from life, travel and much more.




  1. I absolutely love everything I have from Stranger London and always get noticed! I love these!!

    1. there's always something amazing in there, good to see it back up and running again xx

  2. These are really pretty. Love the simple design and great price! Will check out the website x

    1. there's always something lovely on there x


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