Monday, 29 September 2014

A Selection of Cream Blushes


Bobbi Brown / Bourjois Three Custom Color / Topshop 

Tis the season for cream (or creme if you’re fancy) blushes. I usually stay away from them in the hotter months because they just disappear from my face. The four above are the ones I use most, and then out of them my favourites are Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose and Three Custom Color Marry Me Lip & Cheek Stain in Cool (c). Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose is a pretty neutral toned (although does have warm leanings) rose pink. It’s great for everyday wear. Three Custom Color Marry Me Lip & Cheek Stain in Cool (c) is ,surprisingly, a cool-toned red but it’s also available in a warm tone. I absolutely love this on both the lips and cheeks. It can be worn to give a light tint on the lip or if applied with a lip brush a more dramatic effect can be achieved. On the cheeks it gives the most beautiful glowing finish, very Snow White. 

The other two- Bourjois Cream Blush in 03 and Topshop Cream Blush in Afternoon Tea are both cream-to-powder blushes. This has a more matte finish than the other two which leave a more glowy look. Both are incredibly pretty. The Bourjois is a peachy-pink colour, while Topshop’s is a very flattering pink.

All of these are great cream blushes but the longevity of the Three Custom Color is definitely the best on my combination skin. To be honest, you can really get away with using your lipstick in a similar way and it would tie in the whole makeup look but marketing.

Are you a fan of cream blush?



  1. These are all beautiful shades! Believe it or not I've actually never tried a cream blusher before ! The topshop one in particular looks fab :)


    1. the topshop one is *really* pretty and would really suit your complexion xx

  2. I have the BB PR in Rose too, it's fab x

    1. it's brilliant, and great staying power too

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