Friday, 13 September 2013

Schwarzkopf Color Mask in Warm Mahogany 586

Schwarzkopf Color Mask is a new addition to the ever expanding home colouring market. The point of difference for this new hair colour is that it’s a mask, similar to a deep conditioning mask. This makes it easier to apply and is less messy than some conventional home colour kits. Instructions are straight forward enough. You add the colourant to the developer cream and shake 40 times. Once the dye is well-blended it’s applied to dry hair. The mask is easy to spread and isn’t messy at all. But you don’t get very much in a pack. In fact, Schwarzkopf recommend if you have longer than shoulder length hair you use two packs. My hair was (I’ve now had it cut) just sitting on my shoulders and very thick, and I barely managed to cover my whole head. Poor show, I think. Those of you with longer hair will definitely need two kits.

Development time for my colour was the standard 30 minutes, but there’s 3 other colours than take 45 minutes development time. The dye rinsed out easy and the conditioner in the pack gives a nice deep, condition. The dye covered grey easily and gives a nice overall colour. It’s a decent enough dye but the fact that you don’t get very much mask is a big negative for me. I probably wouldn’t purchase this again.

(sorry they're not the best photos, but you get the idea, hopefully!)

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  1. I had a similar experience with the Schwarzkopf mousse. Never in my life has my pathetic allowance of fine, thin hair required more than one box of dye, even when it was past my bra strap, but this stuff ran out before half my barely-shoulder-length mop had been covered! I had legit 90s two-tone naffitude going on D:

    1. I know, what is up with that, give me all the product!



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