Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MAC Ruby Woo (Lipstick Week Tag)

And the finale of the Lipstick Week Tag: Bold Yins! It’s MAC’s Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo is a very matte blue-red, it’s a bit deeper than my lip swatch shows. Again, this is pretty cool toned but looks great on the very fair to the very dark. It’s an old-school, vintage red. This is by far one of my favourite lipsticks. Due to its matte-ness it can be difficult to apply so a bit of lip balm a wee while before is recommended- do remember to remove excess lip balm before application though, it’ll ruin the matte look otherwise. The longevity of Ruby Woo is fantastic, once it’s on it doesn’t budge and there’s very little transfer either. This is an enduring favourite. 



  1. This is an absolute classic! I love the color and the matte finish and it looks lovely on your lips. I think I can spot it on the streets now: the women that wear this are absolutely chic.

    1. thank you! I can definitely recognise it too, it's just got its own look x

  2. i love this color!

  3. Very nice blog :D

  4. I keep wanting this JUST for the longevity.


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