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Sönd Skin: Anti-Ageing System for Sensitive Skin

Sönd Skin review

Sönd is a new anti-ageing skin care brand for people with sensitive skin. The magic ingredient in Sönd products is the mineral silica. Silica is known to help collagen production and it also has anti-inflammatory qualities. I’m not entirely sure if silica works topically but I do really like the products I was sent to try. 

I’ve been using Sönd Starter Kit* for 2 weeks now and I have to say I’m very impressed. In the kit you get a hydrating face spray, revitalising face serum, replenishing face oil, and energising supplements. I think the inclusion of supplements is a nice touch as it recognises the importance of what we put into our bodies as well as what we apply topically. 

Sönd Skin review

The starter kit is a decent size and you should get an idea if these products are for you. I’ll start with the hydrating face spray. This feels very hydrating and comforting on the skin and preps the skin nicely for the other products. It also gives a nice boost of hydration throughout the day. My only concern with this is that is contains paraffinum liquidum and many people with sensitive skin react to this. I haven’t had any adverse reaction with it though. A really nice first step in the routine.

Next is my favourite product in the starter kit; the revitalising face serum. This is a wonderful serum and I’d definitely purchase the full size. My skin absolutely loves this product. The light serum applies easily and sinks in completely leaving no horrible sticky residue. My skin feels plumped and smoothed thanks to the mix of silica and sodium hyaluronate. One of the problems with sensitive skin is that anti-ageing products can be too harsh but I’ve found the revitalising face serum to be really gentle and soothing while still doing a fantastic job of hydrating and plumping the skin. Love it.

Sönd Skin review

Facial oils are still as popular as ever and I’ve really enjoyed using Sönd revitalising facial oil. The facial oil contains silica and coconut oil to hydrate and brighten skin. I find it has a slightly minty scent to it, nothing overpowering though. The oil sinks in nicely and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.My skin feels immediately hydrated and brighter. Like the other Sönd products the facial oil has minimal ingredients and is paraben free. Dehydrated, sensitive skin will particularly like this.

Finally, is the energising mineral supplements. Silica is known to have numerous benefits when ingested. It helps boost collagen production therefore helping to improve the look of skin, hair and nails. Silica also helps the body absorb calcium which helps maintain a healthy bones. The inclusion of supplements is important as it highlights what we put in our bodies has an effect on how we outwardly look.

I love that there’s only a few ingredients in the Sönd products, this is a definite bonus for people with sensitive skin. The inclusion of silica seems to help calm the skin as well as helping the skin to retain moisture. Despite me only using these products for just over 2 weeks my skin is already seen an improvement. It’s definitely smoother, softer and slightly plumper. If  “anti-ageing” products are too abrasive for your skin I think Sönd is definitely worth a look. You can currently pick the stater kit up here for £15 with the code welcome10. 

Have you tried Sönd?

*PR Sample

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