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March Beauty Favourites


It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve did a monthly beauty favourites post. I always enjoy reading these types of post as I think they’re a bit more interesting than a straight product review (which I still love btw) but I think there’s something a bit more personal and reflective with favourite posts. I think it’s the nosiness in me that loves them. Do you like them too?

I should also mention a couple of products I haven’t included in this round up purely because I’m going to do separate posts on them. First is The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Energising Facial Mist and Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer** . They’ve both been making my face very happy and making me think of sunnier times. Also not included in this post is Lancome’s Hypnose Mascara* ( I reviewed it here ) which I’ve also been absolutely loving. I’m planning on doing a post on some Lancome products I love which will include this mascara.

Another product I’ve been loving is the Peter Thomas Roth Brightening Bubbling Mask. I’m planning on doing a post on some of my favourite masks so I was going to talk about it there but it has to go in my March favourites too. Peter Thomas Roth Brightening Bubbling Mask is one of the most unusual masks I’ve used, it’s a blue gel that once applied to the face turns white and starts oxygenating on the skin. It bubbles and cools the skin to leave a smooth bright complexion. Really brilliant at perking the skin up instantly.


Onto the products photographed. First up is a selection of Kiko lipsticks . I bought these a wee while ago at the new Kiko store at The Fort, Glasgow. I think all of these came to under £7, what a bargain! I hadn’t tried anything from Kiko before and handily they had a sale on which allowed me to purchase quite a few items to try out. From left to right is Kiko Luscious Cream in 504, this is a browny-pink, and next to that is Luscious Cream 514, a bright magenta pink. Both if these lipsticks are incredibly hydrating with completely opaque coverage. Really lovely lipsticks. And the furthest one on the right is Luminous Chrome Metallic Lipstick 708, this is a blue-toned red that’s also completely opaque and really hydrating. I’ve had these on rotation since I bought them and they’re just brilliant lipsticks. The only thing is that because they’re more on the creamy side they’re not as long wearing as say a matte is but that doesn’t particularly bother me. I’ll definitely be buying some more Kiko lipsticks.


Next are a couple of products from Hylamide. On the left is Hylamide HA Blur*, you can read my full review here. This innovative product gives the skin hydration while providing a perfected base for makeup. It’s probably the best blurring product I’ve tried. Spurned on by the success I’ve had with HA Blur I purchased Low-Molecular HA Rehydration Booster Serum which my skin is absolutely loving. It’s too early to do a full review but it absorbs easily, leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. There’s also been no irritation with this. I’ll do a proper review in a few weeks’ time.


I did a review of Armani Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer SPF 50++ here . This is such a good all-rounder. It gives super high broad spectrum coverage while providing a smooth base for makeup application. One of the things I particularly love about Armani Maestro UV  is that it is so lightweight, it only takes a couple of seconds to disappear completely on the skin. There’s absolutely no greasiness or tackiness plus I’ve had no breakouts while using this, something that can be problematic with sun screens. If you’re looking for a new sun screen I’d really recommend giving Armani UV a go.

What beauty products have you been loving?

*PR Samples

**I received Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer in a goodie bag at a Bloggers’ event.

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