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FOY Fountain of Youth Skin care

I’ve been using F.O.Y (Fountain of Youth) skincare* for around a month now so I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. I hadn’t heard about F.O.Y Skincare before, they’re largely salon based but you can buy them online too. F.O.Y Skincare was developed as a post-operative treatment for patients who had undergone plastic surgery or non-evasive procedures to prolong the effects of their treatment at home. F.O.Y Skincare is specifically designed for more mature skin types, younger skins (and oily) may find the moisturisers too rich. I thought they’d be too rich for me, but surprisingly I got on with them very well. My skin is currently quite dehydrated and well, I am getting older too. 

I’ve been trying out four products:

F.O.Y Moisturising Day Cream (Normal to Dry skin)*: This is a good solid daily moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid. It’s other key ingredients are shea butter and jojoba oil. So if you are very oily I really wouldn’t recommend this for you. It also contains mineral oil, it is quite far down in the ingredient list and I haven’t experienced any adverse effects with this and I usually do. If you’re particularly sensitive to mineral oil this might not be the best for you. This is a rich day cream that sinks in quickly without leaving any residue on my skin. It gives a comfortable level of hydration and prepares the skin nicely for makeup. I really like this, perfect for dehydrated, dry and normal skin types.

F.O.Y Rejuvenating Night Cream (Normal to Dry)*: This has lots of lovely ingredients that your skin will love. It has Ginseng Root to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, Carnosine which helps stimulate collagen production, Retinyl Palmitate to help improve skin’s appearance and soften, as well as panthenol, vitamin E, Shea butter and Jojoba oil. This is richer than the day cream and when I first saw the texture I thought it’d be far too rich for my skin but it’s not, in fact my skin absolutely loves it. It applies very richly but within seconds it’s fully absorbed and my skin feels soft and supple. Older skins will really love this especially if you don’t like that greasy feeling that some heavy night creams can have. Another winner for me.

F.O.Y Revitalising Eye Contour Gel (All Skin Types)*: I’m still on the fence as to whether I need a separate eye cream from my face moisturiser. I think if the cream you’re using is ok around your eye area I would just use that. Some people do like special eye cream and some are brilliant for specifically targeting this eye area. F.O.Y Revitalising Eye Contour Gel contains echinacea extract for it’s anti-ageing properties, hyaluronic acid to plump up skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sea chamomile for it’s relaxing abilities. The clear but slightly yellow gel sinks in easily and gives a gentle tightening effect around the eyes. There’s no greasy residue with this. I found this stings my eyes, I’m not sure if it’s a reaction to the active ingredients or the fragrance. Not for me unfortunately but if you have less sensitive eyes than me this might work better for you.

F.O.Y Micellar 3in1 Cleansing Water (All skin types)*: The micellar water contains lots of nice things for the skin like the other products. It has panthenol to moisturise and increase hydration, chamomile, ginseng and marigold to soothe and tone the skin, and rose water to ease irritated skin. I don’t usually use a micellar water but I thought I’d give this a go. I’ve occasionally been using it in the morning as a quick pick me up and sometimes as the first cleanse in the evening. It does a decent job at removing makeup but I wouldn’t use it alone (nor would I use any micellar water on its own). I’m not so keen on this product because it’s so heavily scented. I can handle a gentle fragrance in my cleansers but this is too much for my skin. If you like fragranced skincare products this might be for you but not for me.

Have you tried any of these products?

*PR Samples


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