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Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup

When the original Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation was first released there was a huge buzz around it. If you’re a big base lover the innovative technology of Armani Maestro was very exciting (or was that just me?). Now a couple of years later there’s Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup*  (phew). 

Maestro Glow, unsurprisingly, is more focused on glow whereas the original Maestro was matte in finish. It’s not a glow in a highlighter sense, there’s no shimmer or glitter in there. It’s more a healthy, lit-from-within radiance. This is thanks to the high concentration of oils and satin finish. There’s no water in this formula. If you have oily skin I wouldn’t really recommend this, it’s more suited to dry or normal skin types. I have an oily t-zone and I had to powder frequently. But otherwise it lasts almost all day on my skin.

Armani Maestro Glow is skincare and makeup combined. Armani say after 4 weeks of use you’ll start to see an improvement in your skin. I’ve only been using this for around 2 weeks so it’s just a bit too early to tell but I’ll update when I’ve used it a bit longer.

Maestro Glow comes in 9 different shades. Here’s the colours very usefully described by Nordstrom:

- Shade 0: pure white for brightening and highlighting.
- Shade 2: fair skin with warm undertones.
- Shade 4: light skin with neutral undertones.
- Shade 5: light skin with rosy undertones.
- Shade 5.5: medium skin with neutral undertones.
- Shade 6.25: medium skin with warm undertones.
- Shade 7: tan skin with neutral undertones.
- Shade 8: tan skin with warm undertones.
- Shade 11.75: deep skin with red undertones.

I have shade 4 which is currently a tad too dark for me but I can still get away with it. I would really recommend visiting a stockist such as House of Fraser to swatch it. This also comes in white which acts as a highlighter/brightener but it could also lighten foundation.

Colour issues aside this is a lovely base. The runny liquid is dispensed by a pipette. I know some people find this method a bit fiddly or gimmicky but I quite like it. I’m able to control exactly how much foundation I want and any extra can be put back into the glass bottle.

Before application you need to give this a good shake. Maestro Glow is bi-phase so the oils separate from the pigments/other ingredients. It blends incredibly well and doesn’t settle into pores or lines. It gives a hyper-real finish, your skin but better. 

I can get this up to a medium coverage. For those of you who like a full coverage this isn’t for you but if you like light to medium you’ll love this. It evens out the skin and gives a healthy radiance. It also comes with a good SPF30 which for me makes this a brilliant Summer base. 

Considering this has a lot of oil in it it lasts a surprisingly long time. Currently I have an oily nose but I would say the rest of my skin is normal/dehydrated so my skin loves this. Maestro Glow feels like a nourishing oil treatment on initial application but once it’s blended out and settles I can’t actually feel it on my skin. It’s featherlight and incredibly comfortable to wear.

If you love light-to-medium coverage with a natural yet radiant finish Armani Maestro Glow may just be the one for you. It’s super easy to work with and lasts throughout the day. But I’d be wary if you lean towards the oily side.

Armani Maestro Glow is available from House of Fraser 

Have you tried Maestro Glow?

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  1. My skin would definitely not like this foundation as I have combination skin!
    Charlotte //

    1. Such a shame because it really is a lovely base!

  2. Sounds lovely, always wanted to try it so need to save up. Wouldn't of like the matte version as I love a glowy finish & having thirsty skin, sounds just right. Thanks for the info
    Heidi x

    1. yeah it's definitely a treat! and it does feel very luxe too, i think this will be my go to in the summer xx


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