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The Body Shop Drops of Youth Range


The new Body Shop’s Drops of Youth* range is designed to target the first signs of ageing, which for me is around your mid 30s but everyone’s different and I’d say it’d still be good on skin in the 20s and likewise skin in early 40s. I’m 39 (40 this year) and I’ll tell you how I got on with it further down.

The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth range aim is to give smoother, bouncier and a youthful look to the skin. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it. The key ingredients in the range are Edelweiss which is known for it’s protective qualities, Sea Holly for it’s firming qualities and Criste Marine recognised for aiding the skin’s renewal. The packaging of the original products have been given a nice, fresh makeover and they look high-end similar to the wonderful Oils of Life range.

I’ll give a wee overview in the order it’s best to use them. You don’t need to follow the full routine, all products will give results independently and incorporated into your own routine. But of course if you want to use the whole Drops of Youth range together they’ll work brilliantly. 

First is Drops of Youth Youth Essence Lotion*. I really like this product, I also absolutely loved the Oils of Life version. Both of these products are like a tonic for the skin. They just perk it up and give it a boost in preparation for the rest of your skin care routine. Youth Essence Lotion is an unusual texture, it’s a gel-to-liquid formulation that sinks in easily and leaves the skin soft and perked-up. This is particularly nice in the morning when you need a bit extra help (well I do anyway). My skin hasn’t experienced any irritation or spots while using this. A gentle, yet effective skin care product. A thumbs up from me.

Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate*. After I use the lotion (flashback to Silence of the Lambs) I put on the newly reformulated Youth Concentrate. I haven’t used the original version so unfortunately I can’t give a comparison but the original formula is The Body Shop’s best selling serum with one being bought every 23 seconds, that’s pretty good going I think! This is another hit for me. The thick gel like formula instantly sinks in leaving my skin smooth and hydrated. Again my sensitive skin hasn’t experienced any adverse effects with this. It’s feels fresh, really hydrating and soothing. The only thing I’m not keen on is the dropper system. The formula is quite thick so the dropper sometimes doesn’t always dispense properly. That aside this is great serum which would be brilliantly for most skin types, even sensitive.

Drops of Youth Youth Eye Concentrate*. This could be put on before the concentrate if you like, I know Caroline Hirons is a big believer in eye treatments being used first but I think putting it on after Youth Concentrate will help make it work better. So yeah use this in whatever order you prefer but before your moisturiser. The eye cream is dispensed with a little pump and comes out through a cooling metallic ball. I found this really soothing on my eyes and is particularly nice on tired eyes. The gel-like formula is easily absorbed and I felt it really perked my eyes up. If you get tired eyes I’d recommend giving this a go, especially if kept in the fridge.

Drops of Youth Youth Cream*. This is a good everyday moisturiser especially for morning use. If you have dry skin this might not provide enough hydration for you and I’d definitely recommend the Oils of Life range which are much more hydrating especially in the winter. If you have normal to oily skin the Youth Cream will work well for you. The formula is air-whipped and velvety. It smooths beautifully over the skin and sinks in pretty fast leaving no residue. My skin is dehydrated at the moment so for me this would work better in the Spring/Summer months when I need a lighter moisturiser. Again this contains the powerful mix of the three plant stems edelweiss, sea holly and Criste Marine. 

There’s also Drops of Youth Youth Bouncy Mask in this range which I wasn’t keen on when I first tried it last year (I think ti came out then). My skin just didn’t like it but if you fancy trying it out you put this on overnight for a big boost of hydration.

the body shop wonderblur

And finally before you put on your makeup as a last step of your skincare (and in place of a primer) or just want to even out your skin is Drops of Youth WonderBlur*. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with these types of products. Often they are so laden with silicone derivatives that they feel suffocating on the skin and therefore break me out. I’m happy to say Wonderblur doesn’t feel like that on my skin nor has it broken me out. Wonderblur offers a cosmetic blurring of wrinkles and smooths the skin which makes your makeup sit nicer on your skin. Drops of Youth WonderBlur is particularly good on days where you need that little bit more help but if you have a good skincare regime down which the other Drops of Youth range will help with you’ll only need Wonderblur on special days. A good blurring product that’s worth a go if you like these kind of products in your regime.

the body shop wonderblur

Have you tried this range? Anything catching your eye?

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  1. Ooh, I quite fancy giving another essence lotion a go, I still use the Oils of Life one every day even though I've gone back to my beloved Kiehl's for the rest of my skincare regimen.

    Like the sound of the "Wonderblur" too, I take it you would use that in place of a primer?

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. I love the essence lotions, have you tried any of the original Asian ones? and yeah you put it in place of a primer, last step of skincare just before makeup application. I'll update the post to include this x


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