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How would you cope if you suddenly became a double leg amputee? In Love and Justice* we follow the true story of Diana Morgan-Hill. It’s at times incredibly difficult to read. The details of the train accident are truly horrific and I found it doubly hard due to the car crash I had. If you’ve been through any traumatic event this book might bring up a lot of feelings. I recognised some of my own thoughts after the accident such as the feeling of being in an episode of ER and annoyed that they wanted to cut off my good clothes, I had just bought them! Having said this it’s also inspiring and at times funny, the type of gallows humour that people develop when they’re in bleak circumstances.  

Diana Morgan-Hill had a flourishing career ahead of her. She had just created her media PR business and was enjoying a full social and love life, if complicated at times. At the age of 29 she fell under a train and lost her legs but remarkably her life was saved. The actions of British Railway were abhorrent and I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like to deal with while trying to recover. British Railway took court action against Diana, adding further pain to injury. 

Diana Morgan-Hill touches on some really important issues for people with disabilities: do they lose their worth once disabled? do people still see people with disabilities as sexual beings? Her insights reveal the way society treats those with disabilities.

I hope Diana writes another book as I felt the last chapter was rushed. She writes of some of her charity work and her appearance on Dancing on Wheels, I would have loved to have read a bit more about this. Or maybe I just didn't want to leave Diana's world. She's a witty and warm writer, sharing her darkest hours with us and her brightest. The book is an inspiring read of how someone dealt with a horrific accident and found a way to rebuild her life.

For more information and the free first chapter please follow this link Blackbird Press.

You can purchase from Amazon

*I received this book for review.



  1. I can't imagine to go through such an awful experience! It must be really inspiring book, will definitely check it out! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. It's harrowing at times but a really rewarding read x

  2. First time reading your blog! Fantastic reviews and writing. X


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