Thursday, 14 March 2013

Denman Ceramic Hairbrush

This ceramic hairbrush by Denman is my new favourite toy. My hair is a bit longer than it was and it can get a bit unruly. I don't really like using straighteners. My hair always ends up straw-like and I worry that my house is on fire for the rest of the day. So, Denman's ceramic hairbrush is perfect for me.

It's super easy to use. I blow-dry my hair until it's almost all dry then I use the ceramic brush to straighten it out. I have really thick hair that likes to get kinky and this brush just helps tame it and keep it in shape. While clamping the hair between the ceramic-plated brushes you place the blow-drier over the vents. This ensures even distribution and lessons damage. It leaves the hair lovely and smooth. The handles don't heat up either. I have problems with my hand sometimes so gripping things can be painful. This is easy to hold and is soft to the touch, Denman describe is as 'velvet-touch'.

When I first saw the brush I thought the bristles (which are natural boar) would be rough and hard but they're not. They're pretty similar to a Mason Pearson brush (something else I really love). These get a good grip on the hair without damage and leave it straight and glossy. My hairstyle lasts all day.

Denman ceramic hairbrush is only £10 too. I got mine from Amazon and I really do love it.



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