Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sleek MakeUP Rose Gold Blush & A Comparison with Nars Orgasm

Sleek MakeUP's Rose Gold (£4.49) is unsurprisingly a rose blush with gold shimmer. It isn't glittery though thankfully, it provides a healthy looking glow similar to a highlighter.  Rose Gold is incredibly pretty and flattering. I think it'd suit most skin tones, from the very lightest to the very darkest. The palest will need to blend it out a bit more or it looks really obvious.

Rose Gold blends really well. I find the best thing to do is build is up slowly on my very pale skin. The blusher brush picks up the blusher easily due to its silky softness and high pigmentation. It lasts for ages too, it's one of the best performing blushes for my skin when it comes to longevity. 

I can't really fault this blush. It's a high performing blush with great colour and it lasts. And all for £4.49! Ace.

The Comparison with Nars Orgasm

(Left: Sleek, Right: Nars)

Okay, let's get to the serious business. Stats:

Sleek's Rose Gold 8g for £4.49
Nars Orgasm 4.8g for £21.50

Both of these blushes have very similar textures. They're both silky smooth and easy to blend. I think Nars is just a bit easier to blend though, but nothing significant really.

Nars Orgasm is sheerer than the opaque Rose Gold which gives them a slightly different finish. But both provide that healthy, special love glow that Nars is named after.

On my skin Sleek's blush lasts longer before it fades. But both have reasonably good wear times.

Colour wise Rose Gold is a deeper pink with peachy undertones. While Orgasm still has peachy undertones it is a much brighter pink. When these are blended out on the skin they are really quite similar.

I have to say there really isn't that much in it. Orgasm is a more delicate colour though but Rose Gold can be blended out to achieve similar effect. You get almost double the product with Sleek at a fraction of the price so really if you want a blush that is incredibly similar to Orgasm but it just doesn't have the cult status I would highly recommend Sleek's Rose Gold.

Have you tried both these blushes, what do you reckon?

For more info and to buy: Nars Orgasm and Sleek Rose Gold




  1. Such a helpful post! I have the Sleek one and often toy with the idea of getting orgasm. You have saved mu wallet!

    1. thanks! they really are remarkably similar, but I do thinks Sleek's is just that bit better x

  2. I'm glad you compared it with Orgasm since they get called dupes frequently xx

  3. Fab review, I'll be buying the Sleek!

  4. Such a great review, I like seeing comparisons like this, I like hat the Nars is lovely and sheer, but I'd rather pay less for more product and just use it more sparingly if you see what I mean? Haha
    Eleanor x

  5. beautiful post, love blush and the nars is one of my favorites and they are so similar...anyway
    follow back, if you like . andy


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